Adjective, noun

  1. i.e. The act of, actions of: being Automaniacally active with the apparent element of computer mastery while explaining to the Director how the complex pile of maimed, mangled and otherwise destroyed equipment strune througout the data center was transformed into that condition.
  2. Automaniacaly:
    1. When you do not want to take the time to educate an end user for two hours and simply bludgen them with the SUN tape drive that you RMA'd six times this week.
  3. Automaniac, Automaniacal, Automaniacally:
    1. Largely or wholly involuntary actions; especially when working the 102nd hour of the week, DOH!)
    2. Used to explain to the what you did to the Applications Engineer when he deleted the /usr dir for the third time in one week.
    3. Done or produced as if by a maniac UNIX Administrator
    4. Having been unable to fix the problem, you solved it with a 5 lb. sledge hammer... Had a good work out too.
    5. Used when describing the UNIX Administrator when asked for the 200th time in an hour when the problems will be fixed.