Adjective, noun

  1. i.e. Conjured or performed Automatically, but with an apparent element of stage magic. Commonly used in computer and other technology fields, referring to complex technical processes hidden from the view of users or operators. Includes a Connotation of "Specialness" and often implies Pride on the part of the process Creator (especially when the person using the word is the process creator).
  2. Automagically:
    1. When you do not want to take the time to educate an end user for two hours to bring them to an understanding of what the 'ls' command does.
    2. Use this word to quickly explain to the Applications Engineer what he did wrong and then kick him out of your cube.
  3. Automagic, Automagical:
    1. Largely or wholly involuntary; especially Automagic System Resurrection (Like powering the system on, DOH!)
    2. Acting or done spontaneously or unconsciously (I fixed it while napping under the raised floor)
    3. Done or produced as if by machine magic (the windows drives remapped themselves as you watched and did nothing)
    4. Having a self-fixing or self-repairing mechanism or gremlin (reseating the drive makes the amber light green)
    5. Used when describing the fix without admitting that you broke it in the first place